I Love You………

12 Nov
Am not believing that you are going away from me
That’s how am surviving
I feel like dying
Why are you hurting me like this
How can I be without you
You know that how much I love you
But now you don’t care at all
How can I bear these things
Am not that strong
Am a very very unlucky girl
Nobody loves me
Why everything happens to me
What did I do wrong
The only thing I did was I love you a lot
And I’ll be loving you forever
You will always with me in my heart
So that’s enough for me to live
I feel like that you are in me
Can never forget you
You love me-that’s the only thing I believe
You can take any decision
Am not angry with you
Am not going to bother you
I wanna see you happy
Because I love you a lot
You are so sweet
You did so many things to make me happy
You were so caring and loving
I never had that feeling before you come to my life
You taught me what love is
It’s the nicest feeling I ever had in my life
You made my life so beautiful
No worries-you will be my sweetheart forever
You are my everything
You changed my life a lot and gave me a hope to live
Please don’t ask me to forget you coz it is impossible
You are my life – my breath – my happiness – my soul and my everything
So am leaving you means that am leaving my self
So please don’t ask me to leave my self
I’ll die
Am sure that one day you will definitely come to me
Till that day comes I’ll be waiting for you
I’ll be loving you . . .

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