12 years old girl gives birth

13 Nov

A girl from elementary school, a resident of Yakutsk, gave birth to a baby-girl. The ambulance brought the 12-year-old girl to hospital from school after she had contractions.

“The girl told the doctors that she had strong stomach pains, but then we found out that she was pregnant and was having labor pains. We were really shocked”, the chief of maternity hospital said.

In the old days, “playing mummies and daddies” was about role-play and only that, rather like fox cubs playing feigned attacks and hunting moves and kittens chasing balls of wool, simulating (in the depths of their minds) mice.
Modern humankind has taken the role-play two steps further, firstly into foreplay and now into the whole shebang (pun unintentional). Russian society, in a globalised world, is not an exception.
The tragedy is that pregnancies among younger and younger children are becoming the norm and not the exception and this is a symptom, not a cause, of greater social ills which herald the breakdown of traditional society as we know it. It is never too late to take action, and take action everyone should before human society reaches the point of no return.
A return to family values and traditional roles of power-play within the family could make a huge difference in eliminating many of the ills surrounding us today. The first step is taken at home, in the hearts and minds of families.

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