Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.
The trend of women making out with one another is mainly motivated by a desire to turn guys on.
University of California, Santa Barbara, sociology professor Verta Taylor and feminist studies professor Leila J. Rupp examined the girls-making-out-with-girls phenomenon through a series of interviews with college-age women.

They found that there are four reasons women are now more likely to publicly lock lips: the copycat factor — after all, more female celebrities are doing it; the genuine want for experimentation among otherwise heterosexual females; the fact that many lesbians first express their Sapphic lust in “safe” situations, like a public — and probably drunken — kiss.

But, mostly, girls are just doing it so that guys pay attention to them. “Girls may hold boys in thrall with openly sexual displays, but they’re still performing for the pleasure of an audience, and the boys are still in the socially dominant position,” concluded Taylor and Rupp.

OK, this was a fairly obvious conclusion. But come on, chicks making out — we can’t not write about that.