The Miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba

16 Nov

Miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba In Shruti's Life - Sai Devotee Sairoopa

Miracles were day to day affair in Shirdi while Sai Baba was embodied and lived in a lonely village of Shirdi. The masjid which he lovingly called Dwarkamai ( Sacred Mother) was not a very good condition. Yet he chose the place for the sacred gold the place possesses.

Speaking of miracles many happened in Dwarkamai.

Dwarkamai was old and neglected building until Sai Baba chose to make it a place to settle down in Shirdi. Once Sai Baba was eating with fellow devotees. In the noon time few devotees would eat their meal with Sai Baba. When the lunch was being eaten, from the roof of the old building cracking sound was herd. Every one knew that the slab would come crashing down. Some of devotees took to their heals fearing of getting being crushed under the rubble of the collapsed roof.

Sai Baba in the thundering voice called out wait, and continued to eat the afternoon meal. The close devotees who had Faith (Shraddha) in Sai Baba also continued to eat their meal along with Shri Sai Baba. After the meal was complete and every one came out to the safer place. Sai Baba said “Now you may fall”, and the roof came crashing down. This is just one of many many miracles that happened in Shirdi.

In fact before Sai Baba’s miraculous powers where revealed, He was considered a mad Muslim Fakir (Sufi) by most of the devotees. A mad beggar who begged for the food, smoked chillum (an earthen pipe used in India, which is filled with tobacco or other substances) and looked unconcerned with society in general.

Two miracles changed the attitude of the villagers residing in Shirdi. The mad Fakir (Sufi Beggar) used to beg also for oil. He loved to light oil lamps with wicks in Masjid. Another of His act that would make him look mad. The oil was begged from the local shops which used to sell oil. Some how it was conspired with all the shopkeepers (known as Telis , who owned small local oil mills) that the mad Fakir has to be denied with the free oil, which he burns in the Masjid.

So it happened. One day out of conspiracy all the Telis (oil man) denied to give oil to the mad Fakir. The mad Fakir looked unperturbed and returned to Masjid (Dwarkamai). Those who conspired wanted to have some fun at the expense of Mad Fakir. They stealthily followed the Fakir. Hidden at a distance they watched what the Fakir would do.

What happened changed the way they looked at the Fakir. Fakir known as Sai Baba, drank some water and spit the same in the container in which he used to beg for oil. He poured the water from it in the earthen lamps. To the conspirators it was still the pleasure to watch a mad man, trying to light lamp with water. The fakir lighted the lamps which remained burning all night long.

This was the incident when the villagers came to know that the Fakir, an ordinary beggar was no ordinary man. He was gifted with some great mystical powers.

The above two miracles shows Sai Baba’s power and command over the material elements. This are recorded too many. All the stories with miracles will be link listed below this post. However it was the other miracle that begin to draw the devotees to Sai Baba. The miracles that were filled with love and compassion. People came to knew about the a Saint called Sai Baba who had miraculous powers.

But miraculous powers can attract the mind only as an amusement. It was this characteristic of the mind which was used by Sai Baba to attract people. Once they came near Him, they found a loving, full of compassion Baba (Father). Sai Baba was and is a loving companion who takes care of all His devotees. His presence is felt too strongly in good times as well as bad times. That’s why most devotees while speaking of Sai Baba, uses the word Baba

A companion that joked and laughed with his devotees in spite of His sacred presence and overwhelming miraculous and spiritual powers. To record his miracles in a post is impossible task. In fact most of the stories and experiences of devotees covers some sort of miracle.

Some characteristics of Sai Baba’s miracles are
Baba knew details of every one coming to Him, the details that happened in their life and details of what they had thought of in past or were thinking in present. This happened every day, with many. So a book is required to record them all.

Healing : Sai Baba used to take ailments and physical sufferings on to His body. Number of incident have been recorded where a devotee (or a near relative) would have high fever. Sai Baba’s body would become hot with fever, and tremble as it happens with a fever patient. After few minutes Sai Baba would become normal and so would be the devotee. Same as fever other ailments like huge boil on the body would appear on Sai Baba body, same size and same place the devotee would be suffering. The devotee would be free from the ailment after the same. Sai Baba used to say and to His near devotees still listen and feel it, “I take upon the troubles and ailments of my devotees on myself.” Such is the love of Guru Sai Baba. For the devotees who feels his grace He is not God. He is a loving companion. A Father, A Mother, A Friend, A God who can be worshiped, and much much more. It would be better to call Sai Baba of Shirdi as love incarnate. There are many miracles where devotees got free from stubborn diseases and ailments. One such miracle of curing stubborn disease.

Another miracle deals with His sacred and divine presence. Devotees who saw Sai Baba would feel drawn towards His love and compassion. The love and compassion would be felt too much for them. The mind would be filled with unknown love and easiness and joy. Eyes would flow with tears unkown. Hair on the body would stand on their end. Overall the experience cannot be put in words, those who feels knows. Nobody can describe love. It has to be felt and lived. Same is true for divine love and sacred experience.

Sai Baba appears in Physical form to His devotees. There are many records where a devotee far away from Shirdi would see Sai Baba appearing, talking and guiding. This happens even after Sai Baba leaving His physical body (MahaSamadhi). Same as described about in dreams there are records of Sai Baba appearing in physical form also happens with those who have never heard of Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Sai Baba when was in physical body would sometime shout and scream in Dwarkamai. To the newly onlooker it was just crazy, mad ! Why is the holy man shouting or screaming. It was out His immense love. Would you believe this amazing miracle with Capt.Jahangir F.Daruwala which happened during world war 1. Well it happened.

Miracle of progeny. Sai Baba was and is known for helping His devotees looking for offspring. There are many incidents that narrates how the parents wishing to have children but were deprived of due to medical reasons. Two miracles in the early days of Shirdi changed the peoples view towards the mad Sufi Fakir, called Sai Baba. Other one after the lighting the lamps with oil was a close devotee who did not had children prayed to Baba for having the children. Soon after devotees wife got pregnant and gave birth to a child. Even these days so many devotees visit the holy shrine of Sai Baba(Sai Baba Mandir,Samadhi Temple) in Shirdi for the same and get positive results.

Sai Baba in dreams. One more characteristic of Sai Baba is appearance in dreams of various devotees. Records shows that so many devotees who had never seen or herd of Sai Baba, first had a vision of Sai Baba in dreams and than after some more or less time sees the Picture of Sai Baba and realized, hey this is the same saint with kerchief on His head who appeared in my dreams. Amazing isn’t it.

THE ABOVE PICTURE IS REAL and is taken in 1990s Sai Baba is standing in the upper left corner of the picture in the marriage of his one devotee,it is seen  in the Photo album of the marriage ceremony.
I wish to narrate the little outline that a devotee girl to Sai Baba invited him to her marriage.Sai Baba comes in her dream and said that he will definitely attend the marriage of her devotee daughter.But Baba was not seend by anyone so the girl said to Baba in a Temple in anger that Baba why u didn’t come in the marriage of your daughter.Sai Baba again comes in her dream and told her that he attended the marriage ceremony and gave her his blessings.He himself told her to check the Photo album.So this picture was found.

Some Orignal Pictures of Sai Baba taken at his time


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