Ancient and Forbidden Secrets

20 Nov

Bible of the Devil: This was without doubt a grimoire or some such work. But Delancre says that the Devil informed sorcerers that he possessed a bible consisting of sacred books, having a theology of its own, which was dilated upon by various professors. One great magician, continues Delancre, who was brought before the Parliament of Paris, avowed that there dwelt at Toledo sixty three masters in the faculty of Magic who took for their text-book the Devil’s

Conan Mae Morna: A figure in the Ossianic cycle of Irish legend, described as scoffing and deriding – all that was high and noble. One day while hunting, lie and others of the Fians, entered a magnificent palace which they found empty and began to feast. It soon became apparent, however, that the palace was enchanted, and the walls *shrank to the size of a fox’s hole. Conan seemed to be unaware of the danger and continued to cat; but two of the Fians pulled him off his chair, to which some of his skin stuck. To soothe the pain a black sheep – skin was ‘placed on his back, on to which it grow, and he wore it till he died.

Ectenic Force: A supposed physical force emanating from the person of the medium, and directed by his will, by means of which objects may be moved without contact in apparent defiance of natural laws. The existence of such a force was first postulated by Count Agenor de Gasparin, to explain the phenomena of table – turning and rapping, and the name Ectenic Force was bestowed upon the supposed agency by de Gasparin’s colleague, M. Thury. The experiments of Thury and de Gasparin are declared to offer some of the most convincing evidence that spiritualism can produce, and have influenced more than one eminent student of psychic research. If it be true that tables were moved without contact, then such a theory is indeed necessary, but the evidence for this type of phenomena is not abundant.

The Lost Book of the Graal: The origin of the Gyaal legend, which is of course speculative. Seven ancient books are cited as being the possible cradle of the story, but none of them quite meet the case. In the Huth Merlin, a ” Book of the Sanctuary” is referred to, but this is a – book of records, not containing any special spiritual allusion. If, and it is very doubtful if, such a book ever existed, it was most probably a. Mass book, extant about i too. Its contents would relate to a Mass following the Last Supper, in which Christ gave Himself, the Priest serving. The mystery is threefold. (1) of Origin, which is part of the mystery of the Incarnation. (2) of Manifestation, which would have taken place had the world been worthy. (3) of Removal: this world being unworthy, the Graal was said to be removed, yet not hidden, for it is always discernible by anyone worthy, or qualified to see it. As has been said, it is not probable that such a Mass – book ever existed.

Merlin: An enchanter of Britain who dwelt at the court of King Arthur. His origin is obscure, but early legends concerning him agree that he was the offspring of Satan, and he is invariably associated with the air. His association with Arthur is indisputable, but it is suggested that he was also He was probably an early Celtic god, who in process of time came to be regarded as a great sorcerer. There appears to have been more than one Merlin, and we must discriminate between the Merlin of Arthurian romance and Merlin Caledonius; but it is probable that originally the two conceptions sprang from the one idea. The “Seal of Merlin” the letter V with a crown over it, is thought to stand for an association with the Roman Legions or the Dux Bellorum.

Triad Society: An ancient esoteric society of China. The candidate scantily clothed, is brought into a dark room by two members, who lead him to the President, before whom he kneels. He is given a living cock and a knife, and in this posture he takes a complicated oath to assist his brethren in any emergency, even at the risk of his life. He then cuts off the head of the cock, and mingles it with his own, the three assisting individuals adding some of their own blood. After being warned that death will be his portion should he divulge the secrets of the society, he is initiated into them, and is entrusted with the signs of recognition which are in triads. For example a member must lift any object with three fingers only. This society, originally altruistic, is now of a political character.

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