Best Love Letters Ever Written

20 Nov

Not Written You

March 17, 1851,

Yesterday, my love, I received two letters from you, enclosing one for the Countess Stolberg, and to-day, to my joy, I find one again, and for your diligence I praise you very much and thank you. It makes me all the more ashamed because for three days now I have not written to you, and this time not owing to immersion in business, but from sheer laziness. Since Friday evening I have been pretty well through with my committee labors, and felt so well over it on Saturday that I cut the meeting which I should have attended, loafed all morning in my dressing gown, reading and smoking, and then went out riding with Oscar for three hours in the delightful spring weather.

The sun shone quite warm; already there are shoots on the willows, the saucy honeysuckle leaves are coming out as large as groschen, and we rode so hard that both legs still ache from it; then I lay for a very long time in a warm bath, ate well and heartily at the inn, smoked, went to the theatre, and finished up with beer at Schwarz’s — on the whole, a very well-spent day… The Stolbergs have left for Silesia, and will remain there ten days; I am sending your letter after them; but, out of regard for my
Philistine disposition, you must be good enough to write the address in bald prose, otherwise I cannot put such a letter in the mail; right across through “your Elizabeth” I wrote a new address in broomstick characters; love her very much inside, and be cold and courteous on the envelope; so the custom of the world demands. I think that, after all, I shall have to go to Schönhausen on April 1st, because there will be many expenses if I am not there myself, and perhaps I shall have to go, anyway, if the grant to the hospital means further extensions. Then I will so arrange as to be in Reinfeld with my dear little one on the 11th.

But I want to make you lots of presents with my saved-up pay, if mammy would only write what. Tulle or mull? I have already secured Eichendorf. Do you know that the man is still alive? He lives here in the Cadet Corps with his son-in-law, who is an instructor or an officer there. Don’t let the fact that he is a Privy-Councillor be any check to your enthusiasm. Now, good-bye, my angel. Love to parents and cousins. God watch over you.

Your most faithful

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Breathtaking Reality

Home-town love found over a hot dog counter. It doesn’t sound romantic, but it was the single most important event in my life. Among old friends that I can barely remember – among those fading names and faces – I met the girl that would become my wife.

I never expected that ordinary day to be so significant. I always dreamt of it: what she would be like, how she would act, and where I would meet her? When it arrived, it was a wonderful surprise.

By no means, would I have ever guessed the place to be over a hot dog counter. But honestly it doesn’t really matter where it was; over a hot dog, in the park, or over looking the ocean. Perfect settings and moments are for the movies. The moments of real life are the ones that I treasure most.

Where I met you was and always will be burned in my memory. The day that I met my wife, the day that changed the course my life, that day, in my home-town, over the hot dog counter, I met my wife.

Pictures For Love Letters

Why You Make Me Happy

My wonderful wife,

Zest for life exudes from you, regardless of whether you’re down or not. You want so much out of life, and you don’t hesitate to go get it – even if from your sickbed, while held down for reasons out of your control. A lesser woman would not be able to show the smile that graces your face most every morning. And I must say it’s the most the beautiful smile I ever saw. One glance and I was hooked for life. Your smile and your gentleness are a wonderful match made in heaven. God drew that smile on your face and then poured gentleness in your heart. No wonder I’m so in love with you. You were made perfect by God, for me.

You have a zest for life that is contagious, a smile that melts my heart, and a gentleness that warms my soul. I love that about you and it makes me want to be with you forever.

I want to see you use that smile for 10,000 more days. I want to see you use that gentleness to touch a 1000 more souls. And I can’t wait to see where that zest takes you – to which mountains tops.

Your very happy husband,

Where would we live if we could anywhere?

We’d live at the beach with an ocean breeze and an old porch with some rocking chairs you fixed up nice. They’ll have a new coat of paint and a throw blanket over the back. I can just see you sitting there – rocking, enjoying your margarita. You’re beautiful, with your hair gently catching an ocean draft, your eyes glimmering in the sun rays bouncing off the sand. Looking over the rail, you smile as you watch me approach. An old porch painted white with fencing all around and a gate that swings open easy as I wobble in from a morning bike ride.

I can’t wait to come home from that bike ride! To see you sitting there next to a fresh batch of homemade ice tea, just off the stove with ice still crackling from the stress of its encounter with boiling hot water. The sugar is melting and the lemon seeping fast.

I want to be there now, at the beach on our porch, enjoying God’s creation – the smell, the majesty of seemingly endless waters, the sand and my favorite of all God’s creations – you.

Come to think, my favorite place is next to you. Who needs the beach? Sure it’s great and it would be nice to live there one day, but beach (or no beach) as long as I’m with you – I’m happy.

Happy with you, wherever!

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