Get The Girl Of Your Dreams In Simple Ways

21 Nov

Seeing how it’s the Holiday season, this is always a time where it’s nice to have a date or to have that special someone with you. With this in mind, I figured that I would post about how you guys out there can go find yourself that special someone. While I’m directing this post towards all those single guys out there, all you ladies can also keep reading so you can find ways to drop subtle hints to that guy that you have your eye on. Now you may be thinking that I’m a guy so what would I know, so I got Mazie to help out too to give it that female touch.

1. First things first, make sure you have a single girl in mind or that you’d like to go out with. If you try this on a girl who’s already taken, I take no responsibility if her boyfriend comes to beat you up. Also, make sure that she atleast knows you. It may be fun to go and try and go out with a random girl, but that’s just hurting your chances of success. If you are able to date that random girl, then you really don’t need to be reading my advice anyways.
2. Like yourself! How’s a girl supposed to like you if you don’t even like yourself? For those that need some help liking themselves, just repeat this following phrase over and over again out loud. “I am an attractive human being, and people like me.” After enough repetition, you’ll begin to feel better about yourself and have more confidence in yourself too. This will go a long way in trying to get that girl.

3. Have somewhere to go. It’s very important that you have an event or a place planned out as to where you can take this special lady. While going to your friends place to play video games all night may seem like a blast to you, unless you have a girl who loves video games, this will most likely turn them off. Try to pick a place where you’ll have a good chance to be able to talk with them, but also having something to do so that you aren’t sitting there doing nothing cause you have nothing to say. A restaurant would be a good starting place to take her, just make sure that she likes the food!
4. Work on your approach. Using pickup lines such as “Oh baby, you must be tired, you’ve been running in my mind all day!” is generally a bad way to approach asking a girl out on a date. It’s a bad way to even start up a conversation as it would most likely kill any chances you have right there. So figure out what the best way to talk to them is. Is there a place or event where you know you’ll meet up with her? Do you talk to her semi-regularly where it wouldn’t be out of place to call? Try to keep it as natural as possible, so as the girl doesn’t begin to think that you’re stalking her. The best way would be to probably meet up with her at a place where you generally see her, and just have small talk until you can find the right opportunity. It’s best to get them in a conversation with you first so that they become friendlier with you and are more likely to accept an invitation.
5. Confidence is key! In order to give yourself the best shot, it’s better to be confident of yourself and of what you’re about to do. While it might be nerve wracking at first, you’ll most likely have a better chance of getting her to accept if you’re confident when you ask her. However, don’t become cocky or obnoxious as this will most likely definitely turn off the girl and get you rejected. Also, be prepared for any answer that you may receive. It’s possible that the girl may not want to go out on that date with you, so understand that you may just get that answer from her. If you do, kindly accept her answer and leave the option open to her in case she decides to change her mind in the future.

6. Go for it! It’s almost cliché to say, but just be yourself. If you really are trying to find that special someone, they’ll eventually figure out who you really are, so make it easy for them and for yourself and just be yourself. While being someone you’re not may get you that first date, you may not get a second one when they find out more about who you really are. If a girl can’t like you for who you are, then it’s not worth your effort to try and date her.

7. Be a gentleman. Whether she accepts your invitation or not, it’s still good to always be a gentleman. Doing the simple things such as opening doors, walking her back late at night, or other things is always going to be a plus for you. If other girls see you as being such a gentleman, you might be able to catch their interest if things don’t work out for the first girl. It doesn’t take much effort and will go a long way in getting her to remember you. The more she thinks about you, the better chance you’ll have of repeat dates.
Hopefully, with the guide that Mazie and I put together, you guys will have a good chance of getting that date or finding that special someone. Feel free to leave your own advice too. Plain and simple, just be yourself and things will work out from there. If all else fails, flowers always help. Hey, it worked for me!

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