Facts And Beliefs About Cats

24 Nov

Many of us love to have cats as our pets. How much do we know about these cats? We know only very less about them. I came across few interesting as well as fun and weird facts about cats. I just wanted to share them with you. Here are the facts: 
  1. How many hours an average adult sleeps in a day? We sleep about 8 to 9 hours a day, but on an average, cats sleep about fourteen hours a day. Hoo…
  2. All of us know that all of have unique fingerprints; similarly, nose pads of every cat is unique.
  3. Most of the cats do not have eyelashes.
  4. On an average, a cat lives up to an age of twelve. According to documentation available, the cat that lived for most number of years is a female cat named “Ma.” It lived for 34 years.
  5. Many of us believe that cats cannot identify or distinguish colors. It is wrong. They can distinguish or identify colors like green, red, yellow, blue, and gray.
  6. Indonesia, the worst hit places of Tsunami, pour water over cat’s back if they want rain.
  7. When talking about vocal sounds, cats have more than hundred.
  8. You must have seen cats going through any opening that is available by squeezing their body, do you know why? This is because they don’t have collarbone.
  9. Egyptians loved cats so much and to show their love towards their cat, they generally shave off their eyebrows if their cat dies.
  10. In ancient Egypt, if a cat is killed, then he might even get a death sentence. Killing cat was a great crime.
  11. As the cats grow, their eye color also changes.
  12. Cats have extra reflecting cells in their eyes and therefore can see things six times better than human at night.
  13. Like how we shed some teeth during our childhood, cats too does the same. In the initial four weeks, 26 teeth grow. When they are nearing six months, majority of these teeth goes off and they get a fresh set of 30 teeth, which are permanent. 

Some common beliefs about cats: 

  1. It is believed that you get lucky if you see a one-eyed cat and seeing a black cat brings ill-luck.
  2. Another common belief was that witches transfer spirits through cats. Many people believe that cats have nine lives and therefore witches can transfer spirits 

    9 times.

  3. If a cat is showing its back and sitting near the fire, people believe that it will bring storm or frost.
  4. Do you see a cat sneezing during your wedding? Lucky people, you will have a happy married life.

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