Facts About Meditation-Om

25 Nov

Meditation can help you achieve higher states of mental and physical well being and through regular practice of the same one can get better control on inner self. Through meditation one can control anger, anxiety and stress and thus emerge as better individuals. There are various hidden facts about meditation that are not aware to all and these aids to enhance the health of the body along with providing various other benefits. Most people assume that meditation is basically sitting with eyes closed but the mind is still focused on everyday problems. 
One of the most important aspects of meditation is that the mind should shed of all worldly problems and just focus on the inner self and mind. Basically there are various kinds of methods of meditation and some common methods can help you to overcome the problems of the body and mind. It has been seen that there are various aspects and stages of meditation through which one can heal the spirit and body. However it should be remembered that you might take some time to get there and hence patience is required.
It has been regarded that meditation is the best technique for relaxation and it is also the ideal method of trying to focus all your energies in one direction for the better health of the body. People who are under too much stress or are constantly tired because of work and other commitments should try meditation. The term meditation can be described as the state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness.
Meditation can help you to relax your mind by turning the attention inward to a single point of reference and this form of meditation has been one of the oldest arts of India. The Hindu religion lays greatest stress on Meditation and various scriptures that reveal that meditation is the path to achieve godhood. Over the years the practice of meditation has also changed to suit the needs of the current day demands and thus meditation can be used for many other advantages for body mainly for stress relief, and other medicinal gains.
Those who want to de-stress or relax can try meditation as it helps to alter the state of awareness and also helps in the deferral of logical thought processes. This in turn aids the mind to relax and maintain a self-observing attitude that helps a lot to get in touch with your mind and soul. There are various kinds of meditation that are a rejuvenating experience and help to refresh the mind and soul.
One can promote positivism in our mind and get rid of negative thoughts and ideas through these kinds of meditation and there are various styles of doing the same. Some implement the sitting posture of meditation while others try walking meditation.
Some other common forms of mediation are breathing meditation, high tech meditation, mantra meditation, and candle or diya meditation and guided meditation. All these forms of meditations can help you to enhance your mind and general health also if they are practiced in the right form and technique.

Is ADD a way of life for you? Is multi-tasking short speak for short attention span? Do you ever feel like you spend most of your life in a daydream? Well, sit down, close your eyes, and repeat after yourself any mantra you choose because scientists have now proven that meditation increases attention span.

Sixty volunteers — all of whom had at least a three to five day introduction to mediation before — were selected for the research and underwent a three month retreat where they studied mediation in Colorado with B. Alan Wallace, one of the study’s co-authors and a mediation teacher and Buddhist scholar. At various points, the participants were asked to complete challenging 30-minute long tasks on a computer that measure how well they could make fine visual distinctions and sustain visual focus.

“Because this task is so boring and yet it is also very neutral, it’s kind of a perfect index of meditation training,” says MacLean. “People may think meditation is something that makes you feel good and going on a meditation retreat is like going on vacation, and you get to be at peace with yourself. That’s what people think until they try it. Then you realize how challenging it is to just sit and observe something without being distracted.”
Can I get an Om?
You’ll Surely observe a divine light with ur eyes closed and you will feel relax,lighter and out of this wonderful world!
Try It!

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