Getting What You Want ……… Secret Law Of Attraction Worksss………… Series I

28 Nov

Attract what you want faster to live the life you’ve always wanted.

There is a powerful law that governs the workings of the Universe. If you understand it, you can use this law to bring you wealth, prosperity, happiness—anything you like.
The Law of Attraction secret is extremely potent, but it’s also very simple: If you believe in something strongly enough, it will happen. That’s it. But as uncomplicated as the law is, it can be difficult to master. Luckily, a little coaching will help you harness the power

Use the secret keys listed below to make this wonderful Law work for you.
Key 1:  Consider your needs and wants
What do you want more than anything in the world? What do you need? Try to answer these two questions honestly. When you find out what you want and need, you can use the Law of Attraction secret to get those things. But if you try to use the law to obtain things that you don’t desire wholeheartedly, it might fail.
It takes pure commitment and true desire to achieve results.
Write down all the things you want in life. List them in order of priority; this will force you to zero in on the things that are most important to you. You might learn that money isn’t as essential as finding a secure job or you could find out that being happy greatly outweighs all your other desires.
No matter which desire you place at the top of your list, make it your primary goal in the following steps.

Key 2:  Visualize what you want
Once you figure out what you’re looking for, create a picture of it in your mind. You might even want to post actual pictures of the things you desire in places where you can see them. Hypothetically, let’s say you really want a house on the beach.
To master this Law of Attraction secret key, you would think about your dream house in your mind with as much details as possible. You might also put a picture of a similar house by your bed or on your mirror, so you would have a regular reminder to focus on your goal.

Key 3:  Expel the negative
Stop yourself from thinking or saying anything negative relating to your dreams, because every time you hold a negative image or thought in your mind you’re attracting it into your life.
Think positive thoughts; only then will you manage to create the positive energy needed to harness the power of the Universe. So whenever you find yourself thinking, “This will never happen”, tell yourself to stop.
Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones for the best chance of getting what you want.

Key 4:  Believe it
This is the most important Law of Attraction secret key of them all. This law only works when you believe that it will. Any doubt that you have will ruin your chances of getting what you want.
So, make yourself believe you will get what you desire. Even if you have to trick yourself into thinking this way, it’s better than continuing to use the law without complete belief.

Key 5:  Persevere
Using the Law of Attraction secret really will help you achieve your desires, but it doesn’t work overnight. Be patient. Don’t give up on your dreams just because they aren’t fulfilled in a few days. With tenacity and a true desire to achieve, you’ll get all that you want out of life. It just might take a little time.
Are you ready to get all that you’ve ever wanted? Now you know how. Follow the secret keys listed above to make the Law of Attraction work its wonders for you. Visualize, think positively, believe, and persevere and the Universe will work in your favor.

One Response to “Getting What You Want ……… Secret Law Of Attraction Worksss………… Series I”

  1. Raja May 17, 2012 at 3:23 am #

    thanks so much .. i have been reading alot about all this lately but never tried until today. i got a clear picture in my mind of how to process thin in life. god bless!

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