How To Prevent From Cold & Flu????

1 Dec

It is not always possible to prevent colds and the flu, but you can take many steps to reduce your risk.

I know germs are hard to avoid even in the best circumstances, especially if you . . . um . . . live on earth . . . with people. But hey, we can all give it our best effort. Sure we can.

1. Wash your hands well and often – not OCD often, but you know what I mean. Enough to get rid of the germs. And try to avoid touching things in public places, like door handles. I am getting really good at not holding onto the banisters in public stairways and escalators. Not that you should try that. I’m just sayin’…
2. Don’t touch people who are sick. That means you can’t kiss them either. Not even butterfly kisses or Eskimo kisses. Air kisses are probably fine, just don’t get too close and maybe hold your breath. Colds and viruses are passed most commonly through the hands, and through rubbing the eyes, nose and mouth. If you’ve been around people, especially sick ones, try not to touch yourself unless your hands are clean.
3. Clean your house. I know, it’s gross, but just do it. Or get someone else to do it. Be sure to tell them to wipe down surfaces like doorknobs, handles and stairway handrails. And tell them to not sneeze all over the place.
4. Stop eating crap. Eat your greens. Drink lots of water. A well balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables will boost your immune system, and water helps you function more efficiently. Efficiency rocks!
5. Exercise every… single (yes, that’s what I said)… day. You don’t have to go all marathon training crazy but just do something every day. Make it fun! Wooppee! Seriously, moderate daily exercise is a huge part of overall health, and will help your immune system fight illness. Oh, and you’ll look all fabulous and everyone will give you compliments.

6. Take vitamin supplements. Every morning I take a multivitamin with antioxidants, calcium, fiber tablets, Holy Basil (reduces stress & cortisol) and Glucosamine w/Chondroitin. I’m not sure how they work, but I’m convinced they keep my immune system strong.
7. Consider getting a flu shot. I got one once ’cause I was standing in the way of the flu shot gun at the drug store. I’m not in the high-risk group, though because I’m not a child under 5, and I’m not over 50, or chronically ill, or have immune problems or travel with tour groups, or work with the elderly. Regardless, it’s still our best weapon against the flu and if you are in the high risk category, the CDC recommends you get one. Remember, flu vaccinations are only 70% to 90% effective and they don’t cover every little strain possible. Oh, and if you have severe allergies, or you’re allergic to eggs or you are currently ill, don’t even think about it. Consult your doctor if you are unsure.
8. Always get at least 8 hours of sleep. I know, “yeah, right”. Whatever you’re doing instead of sleeping isn’t more important, I guarantee it. On the other hand, if you’re sleeping, like, 10 hours every night then you need to get a life. Staying rested and relaxed will lower your risk of getting sick. If you feel a cold coming on, stay home. If you have to go out, do us all a favor and cover your mouth when you sneeze and don’t touch anyone or anything… and don’t breathe either. On second thought, don’t go out.
9. Reduce your daily stress. I promise your immune system will improve. Assess your stressors and eliminate or avoid them. Take control of your life and learn to say ‘no’ if you’re asked to do something non-essential or non-life enhancing. You won’t lose your power and you might just gain some respect.
10. Stock up on cold & flu essentials. Even if you don’t get sick, chances are someone you live with will. Oh, and if you haven’t already, please coach your darling little germ lockers to wipe their nosies on a kleenex instead of their precious little hannys. It’s a process, I know.

Sounds easy huh? You’d be surprised at how many people don’t do these simple things. If you’re one of them, don’t come crying to me when you get the sniffles. Tough love, but I’m just trying to save about 40,000 people from dying, here, folks.
I wish you good health. Now, go do some jumping jacks, drink a glass of water, eat a piece of fruit and wash your hands. Go on, git.

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