Keep Your Body Perfect By Simple Exercises In Your Schedule

2 Dec

If you haven’t made fun exercises before here you will find out how to shape your body to become perfect. The more muscles are worked simultaneously the more calories you lose in the process. This corrects the bones positions. No other sport gives you such a beautiful form like the one made by moving every muscle. To reach the desired goal the moves must be executed slow and careful, three times a week…
1. Stomach CrunchesStay on the back with your knees flexed and your feet unfold at the thighs level. Lower your chin to the chest, stretch your arms to the knees until your back raises and you no longer reach the floor. It would be best to do this twenty times. If you don’t succeed from the first try take it slow and then speed up.
Only who consumes more calories than ingests can really get weak and the exercises presented here are great to reach a perfect body. The more we give strength to our muscle mass  the more fats we lose and this type of body work requires persistence, are you up t to it? It’ s also fun.
2. Situps

Lay on your back with your arms along the body, flex your feet pulling your knees to the chin. Stretch a foot at forty five degrees and then bring it back to its initial state, then repeat the procedure with the other leg, to look like the movement of a piston. Make fifteen moves like this.
3. WeightsTake a barbell of three kilograms in every hand. Stay straight with the legs easy unfolded. With elbows on the body raise your forearms twelve times
4. Barbel Exercise
The Muscles Behind your Arms
With a barbell of three kilograms in every hand easily unfold your legs and lean forward. With your palms directed to your body execute lifting movements upper and upper and then let down your arms. You have to do two sets of exercises like this
5. Knee Exercise
Thighs and Legs
With your hands on your hips make a step forward flex both your knees until the one from the back reaches the ground. Lift your heel then go in the initial position. Repeat this five or six times then make more like two series of twelve. You will reach this performance in two months.
6. Push Ups
The Back and the Chest
Lay down on your abdomen then put your palms on the ground a little more wider than your shoulders and get on your knees with the legs crossed and palms still down. Get your chest near the floor and then back up. Repeat this twelve times.
7. Lunges
Interior Muscles of the Thighs
Spread out your feet as wide as your shoulders, put your palms together at the height of your chest. Let your body down and maintain this position for 1 second then get back up. Repeat this progressively five to ten times. It is very important to keep your back straight

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