Warning Signs Of Drug Addiction

3 Dec

We all want what’s best for our family. We want the people we love to be happy, healthy and secure. It’s surprising then, that many times family members are the last to know when someone close to them is struggling with drug addiction.
It is not for lacking of caring that this occurs, instead it is a lack of understanding of the tell-tale signs of drug addiction that makes it happen.
Here are several common warnings signs to watch for if you suspect your loved one is addicted to drugs.
Warning signs of addiction

  • Is suddenly struggling with their performance at work or at school. Often good students or model employees will exhibit unprecedented dips in attendance, grades or job performance.
  • Is chronically late for dinner, appointments, etc. The addict will offer up a string of apologies and excuses as to why they are late or fail to arrive as scheduled. Most of these excuses are a cover for their drug abuse.
  • Gets sick or feels ill more than normal. Watch for nagging illnesses such as cold, flu or general achiness.
  • Has become secretive or withdrawn. The addict will spend a great deal of time alone in his room, or comes and goes from the house without saying why.
  • Is running around with a new set of friends – and has let old friendships fall by the wayside. Many times an addict will begin to run with a new crowd that partakes in the person’s drug of choice. The addict can become confrontational with old friends without warning.
  • Is unable to concentrate on the task at hand. Unfinished projects around the house or at work are likely to occur as the individual’s primary focus becomes finding their next “score” of drugs.
  • Is asking to borrow money, but is elusive as to why he or she needs the loan
  • Is selling personal property. Even those things that the individual once held dear become fair game if they have any cash value, or can be traded directly for drugs.
  • Is stealing from family members. Missing money from purses and wallets is a common occurrence at homes where a family member has a drug addiction.


If someone in your family is exhibiting any of the characteristics above, they may have a drug addiction and need your help. Remember, a drug addict will rarely admit that they have a problem of their own accord. Consult a professional and get the advice you need to move forward and properly intervene in the situation. Do not attempt to perform an intervention without first talking to a professional!

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