Adriana Lima Flogs Her $2 Million Bra

10 Dec
When you’re trying to offload a piece of lingerie onto the public that retails at $2 million, it calls for a rather special marketing strategy. Have you noticed that Primark never seems to advertise a damn thing? This is because it knows it’s clientele, and its clientele knows it. You get what we mean. We’re not business folk, so give us a break. We don’t know all the jargon.
The other reason why Primark doesn’t advertise is because they don’t want to draw too much attention to the fact that they employ small children and furry animals to work twenty-three hours a day in a 200C factory in Jaipur run by a legion of Kim Jong-il relatives. But, for some reason, they’ll never tell you that.
The Victoria’s Secret $2 million bra, modelled by Adriana Lima in October, got rather a lot of attention. This was for two reasons. One: Adriana Lima. Two: very expensive bra. However, despite the huge number of enquiries concerning where they could be purchased, this piece of detail was conspicuously absent. Now, the promo campaign begins. And it begins in downtown Chicago.
You wouldn’t immediately think downtown Chicago was the best place to go if you wanted to make this type of purchase. It’s better known for the moonshine and Mickey Finn. But since Adriana was made to convey herself there, there must be a significant element of consumer demand.

Well, we suppose the gangsters need a way of laundering their money, and a jewel-encrusted bra is the perfect way of transferring money unnoticed. Don’t let us give you any ideas, though.  

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