Hottest Russian Women In 2010 By Maxim

11 Dec
1.Russia’s Sexiest Woman Title Young Actress Christina Asmus

Maxim magazine has named Russia s sexiest women in 2010. As usual, the chart is based on readers  voting
Russia s sexiest woman title was awarded to young actress Christina Asmus

2.Victoria Bonya, Actress
Victoria Bonya, actress, is No. 2

3.Anna Sedokova, pop singer
4.Vera Brezhneva, singer
5.Tatiana Kotova, TV Host & Actress
6.Maria Kozhevnikova, Actress
7.Lera Kudryavtseva, TV Host
8.Anna Pletnyova, Singer
Anna Pletnyova, singer, is 8th
9.Nastya Kamenskikh, Singer
10.Irena Ponaroshku, TV Host

One Response to “Hottest Russian Women In 2010 By Maxim”

  1. 1baltic1bullet January 25, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    JesusChrist… what a collection of… just plain ugly, over make-up’d, botox, plastic surgery uglines… Only Brezhneva maybe, but the rest… omg! And thanks to mr.Photoshop also, is he gay btw?

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