Wikileaks-Real Facts About Julian Assange

14 Dec

Julian Assange, founder of the controversial Internet project WikiLeaks, just a few days has become a global superstar whose popularity is comparable to the largest-known politicians, actors or musicians.
A hacker in the past and fighter for freedom of information in the present, Assange perfect for the title “Person of the Year”, which wants to award him the magazine Time. The revelations, published on the site WikiLeaks, made nervous U.S. administration, stated the possibility of “risk” that these publications may cause the country’s reputation.

  • As a child, an Australian citizen Julian Assange was quite a good hacker (nickname – Mendax), helped write a book about the computer underground, and in the early 90’s prosecuted by Australian authorities for entry into computer networks. Assange is the author of encryption software, one of the first port-scanners and software for searching the Internet – Surfraw.
  •  One of the e-mail addresses Assange – Archive of the fact that he wrote before his world fame, is on the same (at the time of writing, was unavailable).
  •  Site Wikileaks, whose name translates as “wiki + leak information.” Wiki – a format which is understood that information on the site can edit any user. Leakage of information to a site using a special form where the information could drain anyone. Assange back in 2006 for Wikileaks presented at the World Social Forum in Brazil. He said that at that time the site contained 1 million secret documents from around the world, and encouraged volunteer editors to help them streamline the principle of Wikipedia.
  •  One of the founder of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, said Assange enemy of the American people.
  •  Several influential politicians urged Republicans to exterminate Julian Assange as terrorists without trial. Sarah Palin called him “an enemy agent who has blood on his hands of innocent victims.” The last series of leaks, which they called “Keyblgeyt (telegrams from U.S. embassies in various countries), has led to the fact that the end of November against the U.S. Attorney’s office prepares Asanzha charges of espionage.
  •  School of Diplomacy at Columbia University, first sent a warning to its graduates that the citation and reference materials Wikileaks could threaten their careers in the U.S. state agencies. However, after a day of University officials canceled the previous message stated the importance of freedom of speech and Wikileaks. One of the leading professors from institutions, a specialist on the Middle East, Gary Sick, said that students who have not read the information on Wikileaks, better for him not to come to the exams.
  •  About Assange publicly rebuked a famous Senator Ron Paul, who has signaled that puts freedom of expression is higher than national security.
  •  Julian Assange is on the international wanted list through Interpol to report on Sweden on charges of rape. After consensual sex, the victim (known in the country, feminist), a few days after the incident, wrote a complaint to Assange that he at some time refused to use perezervativ. According to Swedish law it is considered sexual assault. On these charges Assange arrested British Scotland Yard. In the photo: Julian Assange inside a car surrounded by police in London.
  •  Last week, stocks fell several large companies on Wall Street. For example, Bank of America fell 10% after Assange declared him the next target. Caustic comments from American journalists: that leaks about the financial giants may surprise only if it refers to the massacres.
  •  Assange is the initiator of “paradise for freedom of speech” – a special system of laws to be adopted in Iceland. It will allow the media to register offices in this country, to become under the protection of its laws and not fear of litigation for its publication in other countries. Key partner Assange was deputy Icelandic Parliament Birgitta Jónsdóttir.
  •  After the recent scandals Jónsdóttir Assange accused serial killer and urged to step aside so as not to cause harm to Wikileaks. In the photo: Activist advocates supporting Julian Assange.
  •  In autumn 2010, Wikileaks published the most detailed description of the war stories (“The Iraqi dossier”) – more than 400,000 pages of records from the place of fighting. Among other things, in them we are talking about more than 15 000 cases of civilian deaths, not previously known. In the photo: the game of Iraqi children.
  •  Thanks to Wikileaks, we were able to see how the powerful in the world of diplomacy. In the photo: the car with the creator of the site WikiLeaks leaves the courthouse after the meeting.
  • Thanks Wikileaks we received evidence from third parties, how important it is for Russia Ukrainian history, and how much effort is made to reduce the extent of famine. In the photo: a shot from a documentary about the famine.
  •  U.S. State Department two months ago, in response to a proposal Assange, refused to help edit a telegram to delete from them the names of people who may be affected for communications with American diplomats.
  •  Instead, the U.S. government is virtually waging war to destroy the Wikileaks. At the moment, for Wikileaks refused to provide services: the company Amazon, MasterCard, Visa, the payment system PayPal, Swiss Post Bank. The latter two institutions have frozen 100 thousand euros in donations collected for the relief Assange and server support Wikileaks. In the photo: the protesters, who opposes the arrest Assange, donned a mask with his image.
  • On a side Assange and Wikileaks made hackers from the website They have already announced their intention to punish the PayPal for the shameful behavior. Soon the site of the system was attacked. Attacking “put” sites Swedish prosecutors and the Post Bank, PayPal site running slower than usual.
  •  Wikileaks has lost its name This came after the company EasyDNS excluded it from their database, citing a very strong DDoS attack on their servers, which could suffer from their other clients. The situation was saved by Twitter and Facebook – the new IP-addresses and names of Wikileaks mirrors were transferred to the social networks in real time, from hand to hand. According to rumors at the moment is the pressure on the leadership of Twitter and Facebook to suspend the account Wikileaks.
  •  Facebook issued a statement that does not see the page Wikileaks with 1,000,000 participants anything illegal. By Twitter looks a bit suspicious fact that Wikileaks could not go for these days in the trends.
  •  Part servers Wikileaks, after moving from France and an unsuccessful attempt to stay on hosting Amazon, located on the sites Swedish provadera PRQ, where they were again attacked. Provider is known to host the sites of Pirate Bay and the “Kavkaz-Center”.
  •  At the moment, volunteers have created 500 mirrors around the world. Their list can be found here: The legendary John Perry Barlow, co-founder, said that “the first serious information war going on now, the battleground is Wikileaks, and you – the soldiers in it.”
  •  Methods by which the U.S. is trying to censor Wikileaks sources on “Keyblgeytu, similar to the Chinese attempts to censor the Internet. “Censors differ only as a justification for their actions in court.”
  •  The man who helped Assange and Wikileaks purchased the present world-wide fame – Private Bradley Mening, 21-year-old man with enormous problems in their gender identity (a transvestite, who could not decide who he was on the floor). He was able to copy the Afghan, Iraqi dossier, “Cables” and send this information through a friend Assange hackers. Meningo passed another ex-hacker, and now full-time FBI informant and co-author of Wired magazine, Adrian Lamo. Meningitis or executed, or jailed for life imprisonment.
  •  Umberto Eco on the Wikileaks said that under the rules of special services, top-secret messages, and should only contain all the known data – otherwise they would not believe. As an example, he cites a top secret telegram from the U.S. Embassy in Rome for Berlusconi. Information which it contains, even a week before the Open published NewsWeek.
  •  Many feel that Wikileaks – it is not just a gigantic scandal of world level. Assange, justifiably or not, compared with Martin Luther and Keyblgeyt – with a manifesto nailed to the church door. It is possible that the story of the Wikileaks completed a radical restructuring of the world order. At least, the wave of leaks is very large: the already loud resignations of politicians, the Pirate Party of Sweden proposed the creation of an alternative decentralized DNS-names, and Washington began to withdraw its diplomats.
  •  Julian Assange is unlikely to be a maniac, eager to world fame. In fact, he went to his goal of more than 10 years (he wanted to make a site for the origins as far back as 1999, when the registered name

What is its purpose? It seems that he seeks to change strongly, if not destroy the existing system of governance. This he considers authoritarian collusion – convictions for Assange, authoritarian management can not happen any other way, except the plot. Thus, he seeks to destroy the enemy with the help of leaks of classified material. According Assange in one of its policy documents, private organizations suffer from leaks immeasurably stronger than the open. The very same threat of disclosure of secrets, at any time, should dramatically reduce their total number.

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